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  • Madhya Pradesh Road Development Corporation Ltd. (MPRDC) was incorporated as a wholly government owned company under The Companies Act 1956 (CIN-U45203MP2004SGO16758);as amended by The Companies (Amendment) Act 2002 and The Companies (Second Amendment) Act 2002, by the Government vides order No. F-1-24-I-2004/Gen./19 with an authorized share capital of Rs. 20 Crore, paid up share capital of Rs. 10 Crore.

  • The Company has received a Certificate of Incorporation and Certificate of Commencement of Business from the Registrar of Companies, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh on July 14 and August 11, 2004 respectively. Presently paid up share capital of Company is Rs. 20 Crore.

  • The MPRDC has been declared as the successor / assignee of the Madhya Pradesh Rajya Setu Nirman Nigam Limited (MPRSNN) and is entrusted with responsibility for implementation of all State Highway, National Highway and Major District road projects.A large percentage of projects operate under the BOT Roads "public - private partnership" scheme while others being developed under the EPC,regular contract scheme. Several projects, funded by External Funding Agencies like ADB & NDB, are managed by MPRDC.

Our Values

    We value
  • Meeting Customer Needs (We recognize the importance of our internal and external customers and strive to meet their identified needs.)
  • Innovation (We are constantly looking for better ways to achieve our business outcomes and are always open to new technology which can assist us in this objective.)
  • Honesty/Integrity (We are honest, ethical and transparent in our business dealings with others and always strive to be seen as such)
  • Efficiency (We utilize our resources wisely, constantly reviewing the way we do things and removing waste rework and duplication from our process)
  • Commitment (We always try to deliver what we say we are going to deliver. Our word is our bond and once we set our direction we follow through)
  • Professionalism (We endeavor to strive for high ethical, technical and quality standards in everything we do)


The Madhya Pradesh Road Development Corporation Limited will contribute to the following strategic priorities and sector goals of Government :
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Structural reforms to promote competition and private participation
  • Balanced Regional Development
  • Rural Development and thereby alleviating poverty


To provide an integrated transport system that is safe, efficient, affordable, accessible to all and environmentally sustainable; To ensure the provision of minimum and affordable basic needs to the rural population. The MPRDC policy objectives in line with Government's policy framework are: -
  • In partnership with the Private Sector continue construction, maintenance and upgradation of the National Highways, State Highways & Major District road network, with emphasis on maintenance and upgrading.
  • To protect the high level of investment in the Road Network through effective controls on vehicle overloading and ensuring adequate maintenance.
  • To promote efficiency and safety through application of commercial and best practice principles and thus ensuring access to safe, reliable, affordable and cost effective services.
  • To improve efficiency in the provision of transportation services and infrastructure through corporatization, commercialization and outsourcing of maintenance and construction activities.
  • To ensure access to affordable transportation services, infrastructure and supporting public amenities for the public.

Our Policy Objective focus is on achieving the following specific outcomes for the Reduction in Vehicle Operating Costs;

  • Savings in travel time of road users
  • Improvement in safety, thus economic savings from avoided injury and damage.