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The Madhya Pradesh Road Development Corporation Ltd (MPRDC) has launched its site under the name www.mprdc.gov.in

MPRDC wish to be a forum where relevant and accurate information on road development is readily available at one place and like people can contribute their views, experiences to benefit other site surfers. However, the information contained in this site is not to be construed as advice or tips on investment, legal or any other matter.

The information contained in this site is for information only. You may take print outs or download the same provided you keep the material intact and do not violate the copyrights. Any alteration of the material or use of the material contained in this site for any other purpose is a violation of the copyright of MPRDC. Reproduction of any material contained in this site or any part in any form thereof without prior permission of MPRDC would amount to violation of copyright and would be an illegal.